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Major Halo 2: Anniversary Update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection Released May 13, 2020

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If you’re playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, you’ll notice a 25GB patch just dropped that coincides with the PC release of Halo 2: Anniversary. This is because 343 Industries is sharing the improvements they’ve made to the PC releases of the game with the Xbox One version.

This is an enormous update, so my advice is to download it now before you plan to have a major gameplay session with it. You’ll have to download it anyway if you plan to use the game’s multiplayer.

Three more games have yet to be released on the PC, and the next in line is Halo 3. No word on when we can expect the next update on the Xbox One.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is out now for PC and Xbox One.

The Last of Us Part II – Inside The Story May 13, 2020

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Sony has revealed that the hype has FINALLY started for The Last of Us Part II and a series of new videos about the game will be coming over the next few weeks. Today, we got the first of those videos. Inside the Story talks about the game’s…story.

Crank up your resolutions for this one, this video was shot in glorious 4K.

The Last of Us Part II is coming June 19th, 2020 exclusively for the PS4.

Preorder Stories – Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich May 13, 2020

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Welcome Back to Preorder Stories, where Maniac features some of his favorite preorder campaigns between 2003 and 2013. Today, we’re going to take you back to 2004. Before Irrational Games became known for the revolutionary Bioshock games, they had developed the first ever superhero based PC game that was actually good, Freedom Force.

Inspired by the Silver Age of Comics, Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich saw their return of the original superhero team Freedom Force as they are transported into World War II. With the help of the era’s heroes, they must stop a megalomaniacal tyrant from taking over all of time. As the game ramped up to release, Irrational teamed up with developer BioWare (known at the time for Neverwinter Nights and Knights of the Old Republic) to promote the game’s official preorder campaign. Let’s take a look at it shall we?

After the game’s release, Irrational Games was sold to 2K, and went on to release Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite. Sadly, to this day the cliffhanger left at the end has not been resolved.

Freedom Force vs The Third Reich is out now exclusively for the PC.