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Deadly Premonition 2 Release Date April 28, 2020

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One of the most unique games of the previous generation was a title called Deadly Premonition. Directed by Swery65, the game put you in the shoes (and suit) of Agent Francis York Morgan as he tries to unravel the supernatural mystery behind several murders in a small town. The game was open world and there was a lot of extra activities to take part in as you made your way through the game’s story.

On the other hand the game’s graphics were way under the bar when the game launched, and sadly the game didn’t reach mainstream appeal. However, the game was just too freaking unique to be ignored and it has made plenty of top “great games you never played” lists. That said, the chances of the game ever getting a follow up was next to zero, or so we thought…

Now, Nintendo is publishing the game’s sequel as a Nintendo Switch exclusive and today, we now have a release date.

Deadly Premonition 2 is coming July 10th, 2020 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

How I Played Gears of War in a HDTV Store With Friends April 28, 2020

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Long time readers of this site may already be familiar with this story, but I decided the time was right to devote an entire video to telling it.

Back when Gears of War was just being released, my friend and I were in the market to buy some new top of the line HDTVs to take advantage of the game’s (at the time) incredible graphics. The store my friend worked at had a policy where customers could bring their existing equipment into the store to see how well it would work on a new television. We decided to take them up on that generous offer and brought a 360 and the game. You won’t believe what the store’s employees asked us to do next.

Gears of War is out now for the Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One.

The Last of Us Part II Finally Has a Revised Release Date April 28, 2020

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Due to health concerns from the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, Sony and Naughty Dog chose to delay the release of the highly anticipated PS4-exclusive game The Last of Us Part II. Today, in what feels like an eternity since that delay, we finally have a new expected release date according to the Playstation.Blog.

I know a lot of people at Naughty Dog and a lot of PlayStation Loyalists will be happy to see the game FINALLY released. The first game was one of the highlights of the PS3, and Naughty Dog has proven time and time again they’re among the best game developers in the world after releasing the incredible Uncharted games. We have been waiting for it through the entire lifespan of the PS4 and I for one will be ready to pick it up day one.

The Last of us Part II is coming June 19th, 2020 exclusively to the PS4.