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E3 2020 Cancelled March 11, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Late last night the news broke on website Arstechnica that E3 2020, the staple trade show of gaming (referred to by many as “Gaming’s Super Bowl” or the Super Bowl as “Football’s E3”), has been cancelled for this year. This afternoon, E3’s organizers have indeed confirmed this news, which is why we are posting about it now.

The E3 organizers have confirmed that the cancellation was due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. E3, on a good day, hosted as many as forty-five to sixty-five THOUSAND attendees over the course of its three-day event. The risk of exposure and transmission on an event like that is just far too great. To say nothing of the fact it is being hosted in the Los Angeles Convention Center, where a state of emergency is currently in place due to the current transmission of the virus.

To cancel E3 in this matter, on the eve of a Christmas that could see as many as two new major console releases, is unheard of. Microsoft has announced they will be providing an alternative digital-only reveal of what was going to be their E3 lineup of games and announcements. They were expected to reveal the next Xbox and the first games for it at E3. I’ve talked with some insiders who have told me this outbreak will not effect Microsoft’s Xbox release plans for the year. Sony, who many are expecting to release the next PlayStation (currently dubbed the “PS5”) this Christmas, were not planning to attend this year’s E3 and the state of the PS5’s release schedule is currently unknown.

As you know, we have attended E3 in an official capacity many times over the years. Maniac personally has fond memories of the previous events. He wishes everyone in the gaming industry well as they continue to work.

UPDATE: UbiSoft and Square Enix have confirmed they will be hosting digital only online events due to the cancellation of E3 2020. That matches up with Microsoft’s earlier official statement.


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