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Microsoft Reveals Smart Delivery for Xbox Series X Console February 24, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Players on the fence about trading in their Xbox One or Xbox 360 for the Xbox Series X can breathe a little easier right now. Microsoft has just revealed some new technical capacities of their next console, the Xbox Series X, and players who owned older Xbox software will have a lot to be happy about if they purchase it.

Xbox Series X will be fully backwards compatible with all previous Xbox game purchases, either by disc or digital. You will just need to download the most recent version of the game from Xbox Live before you start playing. The best part is, Smart Delivery will ensure that regardless of what game you put in your system, you will automatically download the best optimized version of the game for the console you’re using. That is an ENORMOUS deal if you’re a Xbox One console player who doesn’t plan to buy the Series X at launch.

What does that mean in plain English? Well, if you buy a multiplatform first-party Microsoft game, like Halo: Infinite for example, your purchase will work natively on the Xbox One AND the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has promised ALL their first party games will support this method the first year the Series X is out and they’re encouraging third-party publishers to do the same. The first CONFIRMED case of a third-party publisher taking them up on that offer is CYBERPUNK 2077!

This is enormous news and means great things are in store for Xbox gamers whether they decide to take the plunge and buy the Series X at launch or wait on it and continue to use their Xbox One for the time being.


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