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Super Nintendo World Japan Opening This Summer January 14, 2020

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Many years ago, Nintendo announced they were teaming up with Universal Studios to open a Super Nintendo World in Universal’s parks! They promised you’ll be able to feel like you’ve traveled into your Nintendo game and interact with many of Nintendo’s iconic characters. Since that announcement we have officially heard NOTHING about the project, although leaks have been trickling out about the project on a regular basis. Now, we have an official video about the land with an official announcement at the end. Super Nintendo World is opening in Japan this summer. Universal Studios have officially promised Super Nintendo World is also coming to their parks in Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore, although Japan’s will open first.

Crank up the sound because this one is going to rock!

Now this is just the beginning of Super Nintendo World as we know it. More will probably be revealed as plans for the park’s rides are shown to the public. While the video is CG you can clearly see Peach’s Castle, Mario Kart, and some kind of augmented reality gaming with the help of special wristbands.

If you want to know my deeper thoughts about the video I will say I have far too many to fit in just this article. I have to admit they used a pretty catchy tune for the video’s soundtrack. However, that’s only because the music is a remix of the classic Super Mario game soundtracks. I am disappointed the song’s actual original composer Koji Kondo did not receive a credit anywhere in the video. He is certainly more deserving of credit than the remixers the video chose to credit instead.


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