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Pokémon Go Releases New Buddy Feature December 18, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Niantic has just activated their recently announced Buddy feature to the hugely successful Pokémon Go. Take a look at this trailer to see what we can expect with that feature.

Having a Pokémon partner has been a staple of the franchise ever since Ash chose to take his Pikachu with him on his adventure. I’m sure for many trainers over the generations, they’ve had similar attachments to the partners they’ve trained through their games. Now, Pokémon Go players currently above level 2 are able to use the new Buddy feature. Good luck out there!

Pokémon Go is out now for Android and iOS devices.

I Got a Free Stadia December 18, 2019

Posted by Maniac in Site News, Site Videos.
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Just wanted to follow up with a off the cuff comment I made during my review of The Game Awards 2019. In that review, I mentioned I might or might not have gotten a free Google Stadia for attending that event. Turns out I did.

I didn’t know for certain if I had actually gotten a Stadia due to the fact that the units themselves were not being passed out at the event. Instead, we were given credits to receive them for no charge. I was unsure if I wanted to really make an announcement like “I got a free Stadia” unless I actually had the unit in my hand. Well, I got a free Stadia.

The Google Stadia Founder’s Pack consists of a Chromecast Ultra (capable of 4K streaming), three months of 4K streaming support for Stadia games, and a Stadia Controller capable of connecting to Chromecast over WiFi or a PC over provided USB cable.

Stadia content will be coming to the site soon. As for what that content will be, we currently have a few ideas in mind but post a comment below with all of your own.