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Mind of Maniac – Why Are So Many Major Retailers Unable to Competently Host a Pokemon Event? May 23, 2019

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Welcome back to a new Mind of Maniac, where our site’s Editor is able to freely speak about the issues of the day.

The Pokémon Company has been offering numerous promotions at retailers across the US to promote the new Detective Pikachu feature film. Companies like Target, Walmart, GameStop and even movie theaters like Cinemark have signed up to do these events, where they give away free posters and cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. While stores like GameStop have held events like this in the past successfully, other Pokémon events are being held by incompetently organized stores full of employees who aren’t informed of these events in advance, or fail to receive the promotional items they are supposed to be distributing. This can get extremely frustrating to consumers who wish to participate in them.

Here’s some of my biggest horror stories about these events from just the past month. Watch to find out: Who is good, Who is bad, and why aren’t more online pundits talking about this?