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Date Nite – Into the Spider-Verse Review December 13, 2018

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We’ve been covering the ongoing news about Spider-Man for the PS4 for some time now and that is because the game is really that great. Marvel Studios did not have a Spider-Man feature-film in theaters this year, but Sony Pictures Animation has. Into the Spider-Verse is a 3D animated film following the character of Miles Morales, a boy who gets the powers of Spider-Man at the same time his dimension collides with the Spider-Heroes of other universes.

Our host, Maniac, was unable to convince a single person he knew to accompany him to the film. Sony Pictures, it seems, has still left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths following The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Is this film worth watching? Was Sony able to produce a decent film? Do not worry, this review contains NO SPOILERS. Watch it and enjoy.

Travis Strikes Again – Electric Thunder Tiger II Trailer December 13, 2018

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We’ve made it no secret that No More Heroes was one of our favorite games for the Nintendo Wii, and hearing a new NMH game would be released when the Nintendo Switch was announced was a big reason we picked up the tablet console. While we have been hearing news about the game in the past few weeks, we haven’t talked very much about the game here on the site for a few reasons. Today, that ends. Here’s the newest trailer for the game featuring one of the exclusive games Travis will be able to play, Electric Thunder Tiger II!

I have to say it looks like this game will take full advantage of one of the strongest features of the Nintendo Switch, the two independent joy-con controllers function perfectly for couch cooperative play. Couch co-op for the win!

Travis Strikes Again is coming January 18th, 2019 exclusively to the Nintendo Switch.

Spider-Man PS4 Silver Lining Teaser December 13, 2018

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Since the lineup was first revealed, we knew the third and final DLC mission for Spider-Man on PS4 would be released some time this month. We have been waiting a third of this month for any news, previews or release information about that DLC and until then had received nothing. Today, that changes. Here’s the teaser trailer for the PS4-exclusive Spider-Man‘s third and final DLC, Silver Lining.

We will be getting three all new suits included with this DLC mission and it looks like one of those suits is from Sony’s upcoming animated film Into the Spider-Verse. It’s interesting that they waited until today, the day Into the Spider-Verse hits theaters, to make this announcement.

Silver Lining is coming December 21st, 2018 for a price of $9.99 US. It will require the full version of Spider-Man to play. Spider-Man is out now exclusively for the PS4. You can also get the DLC bundled with the other two DLC expansions for a price of $24.99 US.