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September’s Legendary Pokemon Distribution at Best Buy August 31, 2018

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Every month this year, The Pokemon Company has released a set of legendary Pokémon for players of the most recent Pokémon games on the 3DS. September will see the release of the legendary third generation Pokémon Latias and Latios. That’s right, starting September 2nd, you’ll be able to pick up codes for these legendary Pokémon at Best Buy retail stores across the US.

The legendary codes can be redeemed on any of the four seventh generation games. The specific Pokémon you get and it’s abilities will depend on what game you redeem the code on.

Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are out now exclusively for Nintendo 3DS systems.

Spider-Man PS4 Getting Photo Mode In Day 1 Patch August 31, 2018

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Day 1 patches are nothing new to the world of gaming. Typically these patches include some last minute technical fixes that weren’t able to be found or fixed before the game was released. Insomniac Games on the other hand plans to include an entirely new feature for their Spider-Man Day 1 patch, Photo Mode. You instagram users will find a lot to like with this.

Spider-Man is coming September 7th, 2018 exclusively to PS4.

Things to Watch While Waiting for Spider-Man PS4 – Part 2 August 31, 2018

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Time keeps flowing steadily until the inevitable release of Spider-Man for the PS4. However, that wait has personally become agonizing and because of that, I’ve been spending time digging up all of the best Spider-Man content from across the web. While the last part focused on reviews and content inspired by the bad work Spider-Man has appeared in, with this part we are going to celebrate all of the great stuff Spider-Man has done throughout his history.

We’re going to kick off this part once again by featuring the work of the irrepressible comic reviewer Linkara and his series Atop the Fourth Wall. While he typically produces one video review a week, he will sometimes devote an entire month of reviews to a specific theme. One such month focused on him reviewing #1 issues from the Marvel 2099 universe. If you’re not familiar with 2099, it takes place in the far future and revolves around new characters who can be inspired by classic tales of heroes and villains. The year 2099 was chosen as Stan Lee believed that would be a year comics would no longer be printed. There was a DOOM 2099, a Punisher 2099, and even a Ravage 2099 series going on at the same time. Today, I want to highlight Linkara’s Spider-Man 2099 #1 Review.

Interesting to note that rumors have been circulating over the past few days that there will be a Spider-Man 2099 unlockable costume in the PS4 game.

Now with films out of the way, I want to talk a bit about television and not in the way you may expect. Many will probably remember the animated Spider-Man television shows that aired during the 90s and 00s, some may even remember the live-action Spider-Man show from the 1970s…but did you know that there was a Spider-Man television show from Japan?

John Ary is a name people who frequent the website Ain’t it Cool News should be familiar with. He is the host of John at the Movies, a YouTube Channel well known for great video reviews of obscure nerd cinema. He’s reviewed stuff that even I had never seen before such as the failed Justice League television pilot or Legends of the Super Heroes. Some of his reviews have even gotten me to watch these movies! In this video, he reviews the short lived but well received Japanese Spider-Man series. It would go down in history as being a huge stepping stone for what would eventually become Super Sentai! Give it a watch!

While John mentioned that the Japanese version of Spider-Man depicted in this television series is not officially considered part of Super Sentai, Marvel certainly considers him part of their canon Spider-Man universe, as he and his mech have made appearances in the Spider-Verse comic saga. People unfamiliar with that storyline should brush up on it because according to my sources, the Spider-Man from the PS4 game will make a comic book crossover with the Spider-Verse in the future!

Next we’d like to highlight some great fanmade Spider-Man content and what better way to start than with the work of Bat in the Sun? Lead by filmmaker Aaron Schoenke, a good friend of mine, Bat in the Sun started life on the Internet by creating some of the best Batman fan films ever made. Now Aaron’s the creator of Super Power Beat Down, an ongoing webseriees where two classic characters from comics, film or video games battle to the death based on fan votes. Of course Spider-Man has made an appearance in the series. In episode 17, Spider-Man battled the Sith Lord Darth Maul to the death. Who won? Watch the video and see for yourselves.

Now, whether you’re happy with the turnout of this battle or not, you gotta admit it was an awesome video. In fact, here’s Deadpool’s take on it.

If that isn’t enough Super Power Beat Down for you, why don’t we dig deeper into the Spider-Verse and watch an episode featuring the future Spider-Man and the future Batman? That’s right, they did an episode pitting Spider-Man 2099 against Batman Beyond. Watch it!

Not happy with the way the episode played out? Here’s the alternate ending:

Of course, Super Power Beat Down is not the only series Bat in the Sun is currently helming. They’re also responsible for the series My Morphin’ Life, a reality show that follows the real life of the original Green Ranger, Jason David Frank.

Next we have to talk about a different fan-created series that I would not have believed existed if a friend of mine hadn’t shown it to me. That’s right we’re going to talk about Italian Spiderman.

Italian Spiderman was a parody of the low grade internationally made films of the sixties. It was created by the YouTube Channel Alrigo and was released as a ten-part miniseries online.

If you’re hoping to see more Italian Spiderman in the future I have bad news for you. Unfortunately, this video confirms no more Italian Spiderman episodes will ever be produced. Director Dario Russo and actor David Ashby have created a new production company called DINOSAUR which are now responsible for the DANGER 5 series.

We’ve already written two parts of this article and so far I’ve felt like we’ve only scratched the surface of the great Spider-Man content out there. Stay tuned with us for Part 3, where I’ll feature some of the best professionally produced Spider-Man documentaries, and even highlight some required reading for Spider-Man fans everywhere!

Spider-Man is coming September 7th, 2018 exclusively to the PS4.