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1989 Batmobile Close-Up May 24, 2018

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.

Words cannot express just how important the character of Batman has been to the video game industry. However, decades before the games were released Batman appeared on film driving one of the most iconic vehicles in film history, the Batmobile. While I believe Batman’s best game appearances were the Batman: Arkham Asylum games, no one could forget Tim Burton’s iconic 1989 Batman film. In fact, gamers got the ability to drive the famous 1989 version of the Batmobile as a special DLC for the Xbox One/PS4 game Batman: Arkham Knight.

1989’s Batmobile was designed by the late Anton Furst and includes headlights from a Honda Civic and tail lights from a Ferrari. Enjoy this close up of the Batmobile made for the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman in glorious 4K.

Before you post a comment below wondering how the Penguin could have gotten access to the plans for this vehicle in the 1992 film Batman Returns, we already solved that mystery. Please enjoy the educational video below.


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