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Don’t Die Mr Robot DX Review May 3, 2018

Posted by Maniac in Reviews.

We’re doing our first ever review of a Nintendo Switch game on this website and we could not be happier about it. Don’t Die Mr Robot DX is an addictive downloadable game which harkens back to the kind of retro arcade machines that gobbled up your quarters in the 1980s! Now it’s out on the Nintendo Switch and thanks to the publisher, we got our hands on it. I just want to say this game can get crazy. How crazy you ask? Well, here’s the trailer, take a look for yourselves.


Every level starts you off controlling Mr Robot on a virtual battlefield. Players of games like Defender or Asteroids will recognize it immediately. You move Mr Robot around the field with the analog stick or direction buttons. Enemies spawn in as the game clock starts to tick. You can hurt enemies by picking up fruit, which will also spawn on the battlefield as time goes on. You’ll need to avoid crashing into enemies because if you’re hit just once, the level ends.

There are multiple modes in the game, including an arcade mode, time attack and a special remix mode. Every level is different, with a different objective and a different criteria for scoring. We spent most of our game time trying out the Remix Mode, working on the best way to improve our scores and earn better trophies. It was a blast, and since you need to earn quality trophies to unlock later remix modes, you’ll want to play each level to your best ability


While defeating enemies, you’ll pick up gold coins on the battlefield. Every coin you earn in-game can be used to unlock new in-game skins and clothing items for Mr. Robot. Items you can purchase include new colors, hats and accessories. The price for everything is pretty steep and you may have to replay some of your favorite levels to earn enough coins for something like a new outfit, but eventually you will earn what you need. Thankfully, the game does not make use of microtransactions, so everything you unlock in the game is done with your own hard work and perseverance.

Final Thoughts

Don’t Die Mr Robot DX is an addictive well made game that will keep players invested for quite a long time. Console gamers who played Geometry Wars on the Xbox 360 for hours trying to get a slightly higher score will feel right at home playing it. The best part was that while the action is fast-paced, we didn’t notice any slow down or latency while playing the game in handheld mode. In fact, Don’t Die Mr Robot DX is the perfect game to take on the go while your Switch is in handheld mode, and that is how we preferred to play it.

The final question is always if the game is worth the price. Given the scope of its unlockable content, replayable game modes and addictive gameplay, I believe the game is fully justified in its $8.99 US price point. It should be up on the Nintendo Switch, eShop as we speak. If you love retro arcade gameplay, give it a look.

Don’t Die Mr Robot DX is out now for the Nintendo Switch.


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