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FAIL: The Episode I Trailer Was NOT Attached to the Wing Commander Film December 19, 2017

Posted by Maniac in FAIL, Site Videos.

It’s become an urban legend over the past decade that the only reason people went to go see the 1999 film Wing Commander was because the iconic trailer for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was attached to every copy of the film that went to theaters. The story goes that movie goers purchased their Wing Commander tickets, watched the Star Wars trailer and promptly left before the film they paid for began. It would be a great story, only it isn’t true.

Back in 1999, Maniac saw Wing Commander twice at his local movie theater. Like most theaters, his local movie house only showed trailers for awful, unwatchable films nobody was interested in before a feature film. Unless a studio attached a good trailer before a film and made them show it, his local movie theater would never air it, and when the Wing Commander film was projected onto that theater screen, the Episode I trailer never accompanied it.

Sit back and relax as Maniac sets the record straight on this urban legend, and hear his brief thoughts on the Wing Commander movie and movie trailers in general.

This is probably why Apple’s Movie Trailer website got so popular back in the early 00s, they actually offered moviegoers the chance for people to finally watch the trailers they wanted to see, something their movie theaters utterly failed to provide them. Hope you all enjoyed this FAIL, and have a happy holiday!