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Starbucks Promoting Pokemon Go Lure-a-Thon October 22, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

I know tons of Pokémon Go trainers have been glued to their smart devices since Friday afternoon trying to catch some of the recently released GEN3 ghost type Pokémon or the special Pikachu wearing a witch hat.

Trainers know that successfully catching Pokémon requires in-game supplies like Pokéballs and berries, and because of that it is always a good idea to visit real-world Pokestops for those supplies.  Starbucks has already partnered with Niantic to turn their national chain of coffee shops into Pokestops and Pokémon Gyms, but they’re doing something extra special this Halloween.  They are going to activate a lure module every day for the entire time the Pokémon Go Halloween event is happening.  This should give players a better chance to catch and help them evolve the newest Pokémon!

Starbucks says their Pokestops will turn their lures on automatically at 3PM and turn off at 6PM every day the Halloween event is live.  I can personally attest this works, as I was in a Starbucks earlier today to see the lure module activate automatically.

If you’re as excited as me about this then don’t waste any time!  Go now because the Pokémon Go Halloween event will only last until Nov 2nd!

Pokémon Go is out now for Android and iOS smart devices.


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