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Gaming History You Should Know – POLYBUS October 1, 2017

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We are back with another Gaming History You Should Know, where we highlight and feature some of the best content on the web detailing the history of gaming.

A few years ago, information about a previously unknown arcade game from the 80s called POLYBUS surfaced.  It has since become an urban legend, as stories spread about the game’s possible side effects. Many claimed the game induced everything from seizures and depression to death.

However, despite the game’s infamy, nobody has been able to conclusively probe the game actually existed. To this day no one has been able to find a prototype cabinet or game ROM, although a few fan versions of the game have been published over the years.

Stewart Brown over at the YouTube Channel AHOY did a fantastic documentary about the history of this game and the impact it has had on gaming culture. In fact, it’s so well done, I believe it is on par with any documentary that’s been recently produced by a modern television network.  Is POLYBUS real?  Watch and find out.

So what are your thoughts on POLYBUS?  Post a comment below with what you think about it.


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