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PS4 System Software 4.71 Released June 28, 2017

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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A very minor software update has just been released for the PS4.  The system software is called version 4.71 and its release notes contain only the catch-all terms of non specific bug fixes and improvements.

Currently, you don’t need to install the Software Update to use your PS4 (your system will sign in to PSN just fine), but I wasn’t able to start playing Final Fantasy XIV without installing it. This is pretty unusual behavior for the PS4, so I just wanted to make a note of it.  So while you currently won’t need to download this update to simply run your PS4, you will absolutely need it if you plan to play an online game.

Make sure to install the update manually using the system software update option in the console’s Settings menu since it doesn’t seem to be installing automatically yet. If you had a previously recent firmware already installed on your PS4, the new firmware should only weigh in at around 330MB.