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Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XV Beverage Wiz Energizing Elixir for Sale Exclusively at Target Stores November 29, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

It’s rare when we see fictional items on sale in the real world but today, that will happen. Some of you may remember when Fallout 4 launched in the US, Target retailers exclusively offered a real world version of the iconic Fallout beverage Nuka-Cola for a limited time.  It was an enormous promotion which turned the limited beverage into a collector’s item!  Today, Target has begun selling the Final Fantasy XV health item Wiz Energizing Elixir in their stores for a limited time.

The beverage will be given free to anyone who picks up any version of Final Fantasy XV at Target while supplies last. It’s also for sale at a price of $2.99 US without a purchase of the game.  If you want it get it now because this is a very limited run!

The beverage is branded as an orange cream flavored soda and like it does in the game, promises two servings of Gusahi Greens!  If you plan to drink the soda, make sure to save the bottle cap for redemption on Jones Soda’s Official Gear Site.

Final Fantasy XV is out now for the Xbox One and PS4.


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