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Most Requested Origin On The House Games October 10, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.
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For quite a while now, EA has offered a PC game from their enormous back catalog for free to drum up support for their Origin online game distribution service. The specific game offered for free will change but anyone who purchases the game while it is offered for free can keep it for as long as they continue to use their Origin account.  This promotion is called Origin On The House and it is something I regularly look forward to.

Right now, EA is offering the original Dungeon Keeper for free through this promotion (Editor’s Note: So if you want it, sign into the Origin client and get it now) but what will they offer next time?  The online community seems to overwhelmingly want Dungeon Keeper II but perhaps it is a bit too early to ask for that since they just offered the original Dungeon Keeper for free.  So I thought I would help EA out and offer them a list of some of the games I think they should offer through On The House if the promotion continues.

Here are the rules for this list. Out of respect to sales numbers for more recent titles, I’m going to limit this list to older games from EA’s back catalog with a heavy focus on titles that are now out of print. I’m not going to include any games that have already been offered, but sequels and prequels to games that have already been offered on the house are okay and could make the list.

Before we get started I would like to give an honorable mention to Hellgate London, but I don’t think I can include that on this list since I don’t think EA has the rights to publish it anymore.  With that out of the way, let’s start the list.

Mirror’s Edge (2008) – The original Mirror’s Edge game was overlooked when it first launched but was soon considered a cult classic. Since then, the game has already been offered for free on PSN and Xbox Live, why not on PC?  It could give the franchise a boost by offering the PC version (with its superior PhysX engine) on the house, and might get people interested in picking up the new game on their platform of choice.

Ultima 9 – A few years ago EA released Ultima 8, a rushed, buggy, PC RPG with broken gameplay and poor platforming. Then they released Ultima 9, a game that was really bad.  In fact, it was so bad this was the game that many gamers have credited for killing the Ultima franchise, but after seeing Spoony’s review of the game I really just want the chance to play it for myself.

Dead Space 2 – The first Dead Space game was the very first game EA offered on Origin through their On The House promotion so I felt it was important that it’s sequel be included on this list. This game is my favorite of the Dead Space franchise as I feel it strikes the perfect blend between action and horror. Plus, EA offered a lot of paid DLC for this game including a full single-player expansion, so there is a slightly better chance for them to release it if it gives them the opportunity to make more money from DLC.

Wing Commander 4 – I remember first seeing an incredible trailer for this game after receiving the DOS version of Privateer 2: The Darkening as a gift. I thought the game had production values on par with Hollywood blockbusters. Many consider this the best game of the entire franchise, and for a very good reason, it had solid gameplay, fantastic graphics, and an engaging story. Wing Commander 3 has already been offered so why not offer its sequel?

The Sims 3 – My friends would never forgive me if I didn’t include this game on the list.  That’s really all I have to say about that, the game really speaks for itself.  Plus, EA could make a fortune in selling the game’s expansions to a whole new group of consumers.

Dungeon Keeper II – Currently this is the most requested game I’ve seen the online community ask EA for so I felt it was important to include it here.  So yeah, ditto.

Mass Effect – One of the best games released for the Xbox 360 became one of the most unplayable games when it was first released on the PC…all because of DRM.  Now, EA is working on an all new title poised to revolutionize the whole franchise, so what better time to offer the original game on PC with a DRM system that actually works?  I mean, EA did briefly offer Dragon Age: Origins on the house for a brief time in anticipation for a new Dragon Age game, why not offer Mass Effect‘s original game?

Command & Conquer 3 – This was the game that got me back into PC RTS games for a brief time.  I freaking love this game.  It has a great storyline performed by incredible actors and competitive multiplayer.  If you aren’t currently a fan of Real-Time Strategy games, C&C 3 is the perfect way to get you interested in them.

So what do you think?  Are there any games I forgot about?  Post a comment below and give me your thoughts about what games you want to see EA offer through On The House.

GameStop Begins Mythical Pokemon Volcanion Distribution October 10, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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Big news for Pokémon Trainers in the US, codes for the mythical Pokémon Volcanion is now being distributed starting today at GameStop stores all over the country.  Take a look for yourself at this powerful Pokémon!

You can get all the details about the distribution here.  The codes will work for copies of Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.  Just make sure your 3DS system has a valid internet connection when redeeming your code.

Codes for Volcanion will be given out between October 10th and October 31st.