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Arceus Distribition Begins at GameStop Today August 1, 2016

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

The year of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary is hardly winding down and to celebrate the start of the month of August, The Pokémon Company has teamed up with GameStop in the US to distribute the Mythical Pokemon Arceus starting today.

This is a very big deal as Arceus is one of the most powerful Pokémon in existance, in fact it’s so powerful it is actually banned for use at official competitive events.

To get yourself an Arceus, you’ll need to visit your local GameStop store to get a unique download code for the Pokémon free of charge. You can then redeem the code on your Generation 6 game, provided your 3DS system is connected to the Internet and up to date before redeeming your code.  This event will continue until August 24th, but any codes obtained through the promotion will work until November 30th, 2016.

Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire are all out now for the Nintendo 3DS Platform.



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