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Do We All Live in a Pokémon World Essay Updated December 23, 2015

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

Three years ago, we published the long form essay “Do We All Live in a Pokémon World” on this website, and it has sat in a place of honor at the top of our site ever since.  It was a labor of love by our lead writer, as he tried to figure out all of the real-world logic behind how the world of Pokémon works.

The essay was an economist’s dream read and covered everything in the Pokémon world ranging from who could be funding the game’s Pokémon Centers, why Poké Marts were such a successful business model, the quality of education provided by Pokémon‘s in-game schools and a lot more.

While he was pleased with his work he had to admit that the original article was written in 2012 from the perspective of someone who had only played the first generation games. Since that time,  Nintendo has been busy. A new generation of Pokémon games was released and an entire generation was remade in the past two years alone, so there was a lot of new content that wasn’t covered in the original essay.

Our writer has also changed some of his perspectives. Over the course of this year he’s completed the two most recent generation Pokémon games, including both games in generation five, and the recent generation three remake.  He recognized a lot of the Pokémon world’s lore and history have updated and expanded in the past fifteen years, and that meant some of the information in the essay needed to be expanded.

So after much debate and soul searching we decided to update our essay, “Do We All Live in the Pokémon World?”  It will conveniently remain readable by selecting the Pokémon World tab in the upper portion of this website but if you’d like to read it immediately you can click on this direct link. Enjoy.



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