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The Sprint Season 3 Announced September 29, 2015

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Microsoft and 343 Industries have just announced a third season of The Sprint, an ongoing digital series detailing the development of Halo 5: Guardians, is on its way in October. Here’s the official trailer.

I have to admit the first two seasons of The Sprint have been a great watch and a very worthy reason to give the Halo Channel a download.  Previous seasons have detailed certain key milestones in the development of the game. For example, the first season detailed the launch of Halo 5‘s multiplayer beta test, and the second season focused on the preparations for the game’s E3 2015 showing.  Season 3 will focus on the rush to launch.

The Sprint season 3 is coming in October. You’ll be able to watch it on the Halo Channel app for Xbox One, Smartphones and Windows 8/10.


Halo Week 2015 Day 7 – Halo Reach Remake Rumors September 29, 2015

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Ever since 343 Industries ported Halo 3: ODST into Halo: The Master Chief Collection earlier this year, there has been an enormous demand for Microsoft to rerelease Bungie’s final Halo game, 2010’s Halo Reach.

While there has not been any official announcement of a Halo Reach remake being in development, Microsoft has announced their plans to bring backwards compatibility to the Xbox One at E3 this year, and while Halo Reach has not been made playable on the Xbox One yet, Halo Reach‘s box cover was included in the official backwards compatibility promotional image.

So what would a Halo Reach remake look like and why do we want one so bad?  Give the video a watch and find out for yourselves.

You would think that after releasing a new video a day for the past week, Halo Week would be over.  Well, I’m happy to announce we’re going into overtime.  Two bonus videos are currently in production. Next time we’ll be talking about the Steven Spielberg produced Halo TV series, a project that no one has heard a peep about since it was announced at the Xbox One reveal back in 2013.