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Let’s Play and FAIL Sections Have Been Added to the Site August 12, 2015

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

I understand that as times change my site must grow to meet the demands and requests of my readers.  That has meant that I have been producing an entirely new video series on my site called FAIL, and I have been producing Let’s Play live streams on a more frequent basis.

After going through my site archives earlier today, I noticed the fact that while I had archived over a dozen Let’s Play specific videos on my site over the past four years, I have not granted Let’s Play videos its own section on the site’s sidebar.  Today, that has been fixed.  Let’s Play videos and videos from my all-new FAIL series, which detail Hollywood’s ongoing failures, have been given their own specific sections on the site’s sidebar, making it easy for the site’s readers to find them.

So, if you want easy access to the Let’s Play or FAIL series of videos, take a look in the site’s lower right side and click on whatever you like.  More Let’s Plays and FAILs are currently in the planning process.  I will be more than happy to listen to any requests you might have.  Enjoy.



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