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REMINDER: You Can Play All Playstation 1 Discs on All Playstation 3 Systems July 3, 2015

Posted by Maniac in Game News, Site News.

As we go into the July 4th Weekend here in the US, I wanted to remind old school gamers who still have PlayStation 1 game discs collecting dust that they can play their PS1 discs on their PlayStation 3 systems.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I was watching a Twitch stream of a Final Fantasy game several weeks ago, and one of the users on the stream lamented the fact that he had so many good PS1 games on disc, but he didn’t want to go through the hassle of bringing his PS1 out of storage to play it.  When I told him that he could play his PS1 discs without much issue on his PS3 he simply didn’t believe me, even though I was able to successfully play PS1 discs on a myriad of different PlayStation 3 models up to that point.

Now I know that a lot of PS3 owners think that only the original model PS3s can play PlayStation 1 games, but that is not the case.  You can usually tell a first generation PS3 by the fact that it uses a original case design, denoted by four USB ports on its front and “FAT” style casing, but in actuality, what makes those units special is not that they can play PS1 games, but the fact that they can play PS2 games.  I’ve tested PS1 games on as many model PS3 units as I could find, that includes not only the original model “Fat” PS3 systems, but also the second generation “slim” models, and the new “super slim” models which feature a sliding top for its Blu-Ray Disc drive, and I’ve been able to play PS1 games on all of them.

You’re probably wondering if you can play PS1 games on your PS3, how can you create a save game if the PS3 has no slots for PS1 Memory Cards?  Well, you can create virtual PS1 Memory Cards on your PS3’s Hard Drive.  Just create a virtual PS1 Memory Card from the PS3’s XMB menu, and assign it to Slot 1 by pushing the Triangle button once you have the Memory Card highlighted.  You can have a maximum of two virtual Memory Cards assigned to virtual slots (because the PS1 only had two Memory Card slots), but as far as I can tell you can create all the virtual PS1 Memory Cards you want until your PS3’s Hard Drive becomes completely full.  As long as a Memory Card has been assigned a slot, it will automatically be loaded when you play your PS1 game.

If you would prefer to use your own PS1 Memory Card’s data, Sony did manufacture a Memory Card adapter for the PlayStation 3 several years ago.  The adapter will accept any PS1 or PS2 Memory Card, and while it was not designed to actively save or load any data during gameplay, the adapter will allow you to copy all of the data on the card to the PS3’s Hard Drive using your Dual Shock 3’s USB charging cable.  Sony isn’t making these adapters anymore, so finding one may be a bit difficult if you don’t already have one, but you could probably find them at a secondhand game store or just borrow a friend’s adapter.

By default, the PS3 will have a feature called “image smoothing” enabled while playing PS1 games, but if you have graphical issues while playing, you can disable that feature by pushing the PlayStation button on your PS3 controller.  Don’t worry too much about image quality, the PS3 will upsample PS1 games to 1080p.  Some PS1 games (including Final Fantasy VII) may not be compatible with the Dual Shock 3’s analog controllers, but some PS1 games are.  If you’re having issues controlling a PS1 game that you know supports the analog stick, you can also tweak your analog stick’s analog/digital settings .by pushing the PlayStation button on the Dual Shock 3.  If your game supports rumble and you have a rumble equipped PS3 controller, you should notice rumble will work seamlessly.



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