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Gaming History You Should Know: Atari’s SwordQuest Contest May 20, 2015

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With all the recent talk about Nintendo’s upcoming World Championship series and the ongoing success of electronic gaming competitions all over the world, I want to talk a little bit about one of the first true gaming championship contests that I can think of. In the early 1980s, Atari ruled the video game industry and they were planing an epic contest unlike anything that has been seen since to give back to their die hard fans.  This is the story of the SwordQuest games.  Four exclusive games were planned for release on the Atari 2800, with each one themed around the four basic elements. A contest was planned to be held for each game’s release, and the winner of each one would receive a special prize.  These prizes weren’t simple trinkets, these were incredibly elaborate items constructed of precious metals and stones. Five prizes were produced, with four to be handed out to the winner of each game contest, and the fifth prize would be given to the top winner among the four.  Unfortunately, Atari’s future crashed right in the middle of the contest, and its status was thrown into question.

James Rolfe, who you may know better under his alias, The Angry Video Game Nerd, produced an incredible video about Atari’s $150,000 SwordQuest game series. If you wanted to know what was involved in one of the most epic plans in the history of competitive gaming, give it a watch.

The true bearer of that Sword still has yet to be named.



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