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May The Fourth Be With You – The Angry Video Game Nerd Reviews Star Wars Games May 4, 2015

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James Rolfe, better known to the internet as The Angry Video Game Nerd, is one of the most popular video game reviewers on the entire internet.  His ability to analyze awful video games for the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Atari consoles, coupled with his ability to use…colorful words to describe the rage he feels while playing these awful games, made him an online sensation.

A few years ago, The Angry Video Game Nerd did review several of the original video games produced with the Star Wars license, and gave his thoughts on them. Just be aware, there may be some colorful language used so, you might not want to watch this at work with your speakers cranked up.  Enjoy.

As a post script to this review, I have to give props to a more recent video James did with his friend Mike, where they tried to win the Nintendo 64 classic Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire.  Shadows of the Empire was a notoriously difficult game, especially on the Nintendo 64, and this video series needs to be seen to believed.

If you enjoyed these videos, make sure to check out or The Angry Video Game Nerd’s Official YouTube Channel!



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