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Playstation Now Subscription Service Active on Playstation 4 January 14, 2015

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Those turned off by the high rental prices of the game’s offered through the Playstation Now service can rejoice. Sony is now offering a paid monthly subscription plan (similar to services like Netflix) for the Playstation Now service to PS4 owners. One monthly fee will empower players access to a hundred Playstation games from across multiple generations, without the need to download any games to your PS4 Hard Drive. That’s because Playstation Now games are streamed to your console directly from Sony’s servers online just as you might stream an online video.

The service costs $19.99 US for one month, which was probably the absolute highest price I said I was willing to pay for the service back when the software was first demoed last year. Those looking for a bit of a discount can find it if they sign up for three months of service at a cost of $44.99 US, they would pay a price of just short of $15 a month. I’m all for a discount but if you ask me I think $14.99 should have been the persistent monthly price.

Right now this subscription option is only offered to PS4 players, but it is expected to be offered to Playstation Vita, PS3, tablet and Smart TV owners soon. You will have to have a persistent Internet connection to use Playstation Now.



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