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An Interview with the Director of Super Power Beat Down January 9, 2015

Posted by Maniac in Interviews.

Since that first moment we saw two Batmobiles drag race through San Diego, Bat in the Sun’s fantastic webseries Super Power Beat Down has been a staple of the Internet, and held a regular place in my YouTube “Must Watch” list.  The series regularly pits famous characters from movies, comics and video games against each other in an epic battle to the death with the winner decided by the fans.

Super Power Beat Down is produced by Bat in the Sun Productions, a company helmed by Director Aaron Schoenke. I have been following the work of Bat in the Sun since 2003, a time when they produced some incredible Batman fan films.  Since that time, Aaron and I have been good friends, and he agreed to do an interview with me about the series and his company.

Let’s see if we can get him to reveal any future tidbits about the show!

Maniac: First off, thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to do this interview. I know you’re working hard on your webseries.  What was the inspiration behind Super Power Beat Down?

Aaron: I drew my inspiration for [SPBD] from a TV show I was on [called] Deadliest Warrior where I played the pirate among many other characters. I also got a lot of my inspiration from a card game called Overpower in the 90s.

Maniac: Does any episode you’ve worked on stand out as being more difficult than the others? What made it so difficult?

Aaron: Some episodes were definitely harder to shoot then others. Batman versus Vader had long 16 hour days whereas Lara Croft [versus] Nathan Drake we shot in 108° [F] weather which was super exhausting.

Maniac: Do you have a favorite episode?

Aaron: It’s really hard to choose among all the episodes but if I had to I would say I enjoy Batman versus Darth Vader, Wolverine versus Predator, and White Ranger versus Scorpion the best.

Maniac: Can I get you to drop any hints about future episodes of Super Power Beat Down?

Aaron: Most definitely but only for you, we have Green Ranger versus Ryu coming out soon.  We also will be seeing Spider-Man this year along with an appearance from Wonder Woman as well. Plus [expect an episode featuring] The Clown Prince of Crime himself!

Maniac: What does the future hold for Bat in the Sun? Any new shows on the way?

Aaron: We are just finishing up season two of Jason David Frank’s My Morphing Life and we also have an original project coming out starring him as well as Kevin Porter and John Morrison!

Maniac: Amazing!

I hope you guys all enjoyed the interview!  Thanks again to Aaron Schoenke for the interview.  Just remember, Super Power Beat Down is completely fan focused, and if you want a specific favorite character of yours to win the next battle, go and vote for it on their official site!



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