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How to Transfer 3rd Generation Pokémon to 6th Generation Pokémon Games December 6, 2014

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Let’s face it, a very important aspect of being a Pokémon trainer includes collecting and trading your Pokémon, and it’s only natural for trainers to want to bring the Pokémon teams they worked so hard to build into the newest Pokémon games. Any Pokémon players collected since the Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games can be transferred to the latest games, but it’s not a clean cut process.

Pokémon fan TheJWittz posted a very detailed video on the Pokémon transfer process. If you plan to perform this transfer yourself or simply want to see how transferring content across fourteen years of games and three hardware revisions can possibly work it is totally worth a watch.

You will need a Nintendo DS equipped with a GBA slot, a third, fourth, fifth and sixth generation Pokémon game, a Nintendo 3DS, access to an Internet equipped high speed WiFi network, and a Pokémon Bank account. Quite a long list I know but not unreasonable for many die hard Pokémon and Nintendo collectors.



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