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D4 Patch 1.1 Released, All DLC Re-Released for Two Weeks November 14, 2014

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

An enormous patch for the Xbox One exclusive adventure game D4 was released earlier this week. The new patch, weighing in at over 8 GB, adds new balance changes and bug fixes to the game.

The changes mentioned in the 1.1 patch include a reduction in the stamina burn rate during dives, and more food options during dives. The developers also tweaked some of the more frustrating control moments, and adjusted controller input for actions like “follow the circle” and “rapid moving thumbstick” moments.

Kinect commands have also been improved for players interested in using the Kinect to play the game. The patch notes mention the developers improved lock-on skeletal tracking and hand state accuracy. Kinect inputs should be faster and more reliable now. You can now also tell your Xbox One to simply “Go to D4” when you want to play the game if you have a Kinect installed.

Oh and for the next two weeks, the game developers have decided to re-release all of the game’s exclusive downloadable content, including exclusive clothing items and beard styles you otherwise won’t be able to unlock in the game. There is a lot of DLC to download, and the content will only be up for two weeks so get it now. All the content is still free, so players have no reason not to download it!

D4 is out now exclusively on Xbox One.



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