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Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Weekend Coming Halloween October 22, 2014

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Nintendo 3DS and 2DS owners hoping to get a little further in Find Mii or a few more pieces in Puzzle Swap are going to be very happy with what I’m about to tell them.

As you may know, many locations throughout North America, such as Starbucks and McDonalds stores, are set up for wireless connectivity with Nintendo handheld devices, enabling online access while on the go. Even better than that, Nintendo wireless hotspots will keep and store the StreetPass data for as many as six previous users of the service, enabling later users to use the Miis of earlier customers in StreetPass compatible games without the user having to be there.

The limitation to this service is that Nintendo Zone hotspots cannot bring outside users from other locations into locations that they have not physically been in, nor can it provide StreetPass data to the first user to use a hotspot. A few months ago, Nintendo changed that. For just one weekend, Nintendo randomized the StreetPass information of user locations and provided random StreetPass user data from users all across the country to anyone who visited a hotspot. I thought it was pretty successful as it helped users hoping to get Miis from every state or region in their country. Today, Nintendo announced they’ll be doing it again for Halloween.

If you have not been to a Nintendo Zone location before and would like to participate, you’ll need to bring your 3DS or 2DS to any location equipped with an AT&T hotspot. Typically they can be found at Starbucks, McDonald’s, Barnes & Noble, Target, and Best Buy locations among others. Check for information on where you can find a Nintendo Zone location in your area.

StreetPass Weekend is coming October 31st – November 1st, 2014.



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