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Final Season Pass Content For The Last of Us Revealed April 16, 2014

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Naughty Dog has announced the third and final set of downloadable content for their 2013 Game of the Year contender, The Last of Us.  The new DLC, dubbed the “Grounded Bundle” will include additions for both single player and multiplayer game modes.  The first is called “Grounded Mode”, which is an entirely new and incredibly hard difficulty mode for the single player game.  On the multiplayer side, a new map pack, called the “Reclaimed Territories Map Pack” will include four entirely new maps for multiplayer.  Finally, there will also be some new skills and weapons packs up for purchase at the same time.

You can read all the specific details about all of the new content here.

All of the content will be included for free to anyone who has already purchased a Season Pass for The Last of Us.  Otherwise the Grounded Mode will cost $4.99 US by itself and the new map pack will cost $9.99 US by itself.  Just be aware that after May 13th, Sony intends to remove the Season Pass from the Playstation Store.  Anyone who hasn’t purchased one by then will have to purchase the game’s DLC individually.

The Last of Us is out now for the Playstation 3.  It will be coming to the Playstation 4 this summer.



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