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First GBA Virtual Console Titles Coming to Wii U April 3rd March 26, 2014

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

Nintendo’s Virtual Console is one of the best features of their modern consoles and handheld gaming devices.  It gives today’s gamers the chance to play the nearly hundreds of amazing games that Nintendo released over the past twenty years for a reasonable price on modern systems.  When the Wii U’s Virtual Console was announced in North America, Nintendo promised that they would be able to bring over games from the original NES, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy Advance systems.  While the Wii U’s Virtual Console saw a pretty decent official launch last year with titles like Super Mario World and Excitebike, up to this point we have only seen games get released on Wii U from the NES or SNES, with no GBA titles getting a release up to this point.  The GBA has one hell of a great back catalog of exclusive titles including Pokémon Emerald, and Metroid: Zero Hour, and it has been a shame we have been waiting as long as we have for GBA games to get relereleased on the service.  That is about to end.

Nintendo announced today they will start to release games previously exclusive to the Game Boy Advance for sale on the Wii U Virtual Console starting April 3rd, 2014.  Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga and Metroid Fusion will be the first two GBA games released through the service.

Each GBA game will cost $7.99 US, the same price a Super Nintendo game costs on the Wii U VC.


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