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Nintendo Direct – 3DS Louvre Guide Video November 27, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.
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One of the most famous museums in the entire world is the Louvre located in Paris, France.  Let’s face it, unless you are an art buff, you may not be aware of all the important details behind many famous works of art, and tour guides aren’t always available.  Since at least the 90s, many museums have offered special audio tours provided on an interactive CD-ROM.

Well, the Louvre has done something different.  When you ask for an interactive tour, they give you a Nintendo 3DS.  Now, that program that the Louvre offers will soon be available to download on the Nintendo eShop, and yes, it will work if you bring it with you to the museum.

Speaking as someone who’s already been to the Louvre, this makes me want to go back.