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Pokémon Day – Johnny Vs Reviews January 1, 2013

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

During my research for “Do We All Live in a Pokémon World” I came across YouTube Reviewer SomeCallmeJohnny and his Johnny Vs game reviews.  This guy will usually set aside an entire month and devote it to an entire classic gaming series, like Metroid or Sonic the Hedgehog and review each of the games in the series.  The guy is extremely talented with good writing, high video and audio quality, and good paced editing.  His reviews can get as long as 40 minutes in length but I swear he’ll keep your attention so well the entire time you won’t even notice it.

He had previously said he would never devote a month to a Role Playing Game series, as he argued it would take far too long to complete a single RPG.  Multiplying that for each sequel would be too complex a process.  Well, as they say there are exceptions to every rule and that exception is Pokémon!

Johnny was a huge fan of the original Pokémon games growing up, and the spin offs that were released in the late 90s, so he devoted an entire month to these original Pokémon games from back when Pokémon fever started to take hold.

So where did Pokémon fever start?  Lets begin with his review of the Pokémon Generation 1 games.

However, when Pokémon fever started to go crazy in the states, some new Pokémon games ended up getting released here in the states on the Nintendo 64 to cash in on its popularity and hold gamers over for when Generation 2 came out.  One of those games was Pokémon Stadium.  For the first time in the States we would see what these little creatures we had previously only saw on a Game Boy would look like when battling in full 3D on the N64.  How was that game?  Lets find out.

However, as I’m sure as you all know, there was a lot more to Pokémon than just the video games, tv show, movies and comic books.  There were trading cards.  Pokémon Trading Cards saw an extremely successful run in the early 2000s, so much so that extremely rare cards would fetch unbearably high prices in the reseller market.  Personally I never had more than an original starter box (which I haven’t been able to find recently) of the cards and never played them, but then again even Johnny admitted the same.  They were great collectibles, and he takes a look at them from that perspective in his video review of the cards.

There was another Nintendo 64 spin-off game that got released, called Pokémon Snap.  It looked at Pokémon in a different way than we had before.  We weren’t battling them in this game, we were taking a look at them in their own natural habitat and photographing them as if they were being used in a nature documentary you would see on television.  How did it hold up?  Take a look.

Well, that was the last spin-off game we got at that time and now it was time for the first official sequel to the original Pokémon games which continued the story that started it all.  We now had two new games, an all new trainer with an entirely new story, and one hundred new Pokémon to catch!  Here’s his review of Pokémon Generation 2.

Hope you guys are enjoying Pokémon Day on the site!  More content will be coming all through New Year’s Day!  Stick around.



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