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Quinni-Con 2012 Thoughts May 2, 2012

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.

Quinni-Con 2012, a free fan-created anime convention held at Quinnipiac University, took place this weekend, and was there for the whole show.

What did I think about it?  Any good stories?  Take a watch and find out!

I want to thank the Quinni-Con 2012 organizers for a fantastic show.  I also would like to thank Lisle Wilkerson, Jessi Nowack and Michael Heicht for some great panels!  If you want to check out some of their work, you can check out episodes of Pokemon ‘Bridged, done by Jessi and Michael, and Lisle’s voice can be found in a wide range of fighting games ranging from Rumble Roses to Tekken!



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[…] it. I was not a huge fan of Pokèmon growing up, but after being exposed to Pokèmon ‘Bridged at the Quinn-icon I started looking for all kinds of Pokèmon content and videos and came across the […]

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