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Podcast 6 – Dead Space January 28, 2012

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For the sixth gameXcess.net podcast, I discuss the multiplatform franchise Dead Space from EA and Visceral Games.  Since 2008, there have been two multiplatform main games, one Wii game, two animated features, an iPhone/iPad game, and several novels.  In the podcast, I talk about my first experiences with the game, why I enjoyed it so much, my background with horror and where I think the series is headed next.

Check back next time for a podcast discussion on Gears of War!

Insomniac Finished With Resistance Games January 28, 2012

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Ladies and gentlemen, Ted Price.

So that’s it folks, the end of a gaming era is here.  The three PS3 Resistance games, as well as the Resistance property itself was all created by Insomniac Studios, and now they’re making it official that Resistance 3 was the final game in the Resistance series that they will be working on.  The property is in the hands of Sony and currently Nihilistic, who is developing a new handheld Resistance game for the Sony Vita.

I know this had made news in the past few days, but I wasn’t willing to post it up here unless there was some sort of official confirmation about it.  When this was posted it met my requirements of “official confirmation”.  As far as I’m concerned, Insomniac is the reason why so many people picked up a Playstation 3 at launch, and I still consider the original Resistance: Fall of Man to have some of the best multiplayer on the PS3.

Good luck to Insomniac with all their future game developments.  They are really good at their jobs.  Here, here.