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Let’s Play God of War Origins Collection Demo September 7, 2011

Posted by Maniac in Let's Play, Site Videos.

My first God of War memory falls five years ago, when I saw the demo for the first God of War game on a Playstation 2 demo unit in my local CompUSA. For years, I’d make a trek to that store for cases of Bawls and cheap software, and it would remain the only game included in that demo unit. I thought the game looked fantastic for a PS2 game, but knew nothing about it, its origins, or it’s eccentric creator.

Not too long later, my friend Twitch, who I recently got an SNES working with, told me he had this brand new console game for his Playstation 2, and since I didn’t have one myself, I just had to see it for myself. What Twitch showed me blew me out of my chair. The game looked phenominal. The opening hydra battle was one of the most exciting gameplay sequences I had seen of the previous console generation, and Twitch really knew how to sell it to me by showing it on his new HDTV with his surround receiver. It was loud, fast paced, intuitive, and exciting. I had to have this game.

Later that year I bought a Playstation 2 for my birthday. For Christmas 2005, I got the very first God of War game as a gift. I played it the entire holiday and enjoyed it tremendously.

Two full sequels have been released for the game. One for the PS2 in 2007, which was the final first party Sony game for that platform, and one for the Playstation 3 in 2010, which has become one of the highest rated games for that platform. Two side stories were also released for the Playstation Portable. God of War: Chains of Olympus, which was released after God of War 2 and took place before the events of God of War. The other was God of War: Ghost of Sparta which released after God of War 3 and took place between the events of God of War and God of War 2.

God of War fans have wanted these portable games on the major console platform since Chains of Olympus was released, and now they’re finally coming. This week, the demo for the game has been released to all Playstation Network users, and I take some time off from my Metroid Prime run to play it.

God of War: Origins Collection is coming September 13th, 2011 exclusive to the Playstation 3. Howver, you can still buy God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the Playstation Portable.



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