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I Game, I’m Healthy, Live With It November 22, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Editorials.

I read a question recently on the Halo Waypoint forums that a user asked the group how they kept healthy and kept up with the gaming lifestyle.  While I’m sure he was just asking for tips on how to keep fit and meant nothing disrespectful about it, it reminded me of all the times in my life I’ve heard people tell me if I kept playing games and didn’t exercise I’d be stupid and unhealthy.  Well, you’re reading this article off of a webpage I designed and maintain myself, so I’m not stupid, but believe it or not, I am actually quite healthy as well.

If there’s a smaller slightly-less annoying sister to the “all video games are evil and will make you violent” crowd, it’s the “video games will make you fat” crowd.  I’ve had it with these completely false prophets who claim to know more than I do about my own body’s health.  They claim that by not constantly doing repetitive physical activity instead of sitting for hours in front of a screen interacting with a game, coupled with a high-fat, high-calorie and high sugar fast food diet is driving this entire country into becoming an unhealthy overweight lot and only by allowing them to pass laws to protect ourselves from…ourselves because we’re too dumb to know what’s good for us (and they somehow do), can we become healthy, happy people.

Allow me to remove all the bullets from their points right now.  At 26 years old I am 5 foot 9 inches tall.  I weigh about 135 pounds and have weighed around that much since I was about 15 or so (give or take about five pounds here or there).  I do not exercise, other than regular human movements, (walking from place to place, going up and down stairs, etc) and my only recreational activities as of late (other than posting up here for all of you fine people) are watching movies, TV and playing video games.  My blood tests are perfectly fine, with no trace of diabetes.  I have perfectly fine health expectancy.

Now you’re probably going to say I probably don’t eat very much.  That’s not true, I eat and I eat plenty.  Since I can’t cook, a lot of what I eat is either ready-made ramen noodles, or food I can buy on the go (oh no, fast food).  However, it’s not all bad.  Since my mother can cook, she does make me dinner occasionally (and she makes ingredients from scratch) so I eat about a fifty percent good, fifty percent bad diet.

If half of what “health” experts said was true, I should be a 400 pound diabetic.  I’m not.  I’m sure you can see me in any of my videos, other than the fact I grow facial hair faster than Grizzly Adams I’m a healthy individual of average build.  Do they have any explanation for that?  Well I do.

The reality behind weight gain is actually all about the amount you eat on a regular basis.  The human body is quite adaptable.  If you regularly eat the same amount of food at around the same time, you will not gain any weight.  It is only when you throw a wrench into the works and heavily alter your eating habits by eating larger portions of food than you usually do, that you will start to gain weight.  Also there’s been concerns that stress and other emotional factors can affect weight gain, as the chemicals your body produces during these periods can affect the rest of your body.  This is usually why crash dieting is a bad idea, it’s unhealthy and harmful to your body.  Also any kind of physical activity you’ll do on a normal basis will maintain your body weight.  A lot of college students or city inhabitants will walk (a lot!) daily, and by continuing to do this activity their body weight is maintained.  If it’s stopped, the body will react and you may gain some weight, but it again will eventually even back out.  Also, many health experts and doctors believe genetics plays a lot in the factor of weight, although it is a debated topic.

The nanny brigade won’t tell you any of that.  Maybe they should write it all down.  Granted, I don’t drink or smoke, but that’s a separate can of worms.



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