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Top Five Privateer 2 Cutscenes November 13, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos, Top Cutscenes.

It’s time for another gamexcess.net Top Five video series.  I’ve given this one a lot of thought, and you probably would’ve known it was coming if you check out our twitter feed, but this week’s top five is for the little known game Privateer 2: The Darkening.  A classic DOS and Windows open universe deep space dogfight simulator.  It was a serious precursor to games like Starlancer and Freelancer.

The game was a gift from a man who worked for my father as he was unable to run the game on his PC.  This was back in the time when a Pentium 133 could run pretty much anything, and my system chewed through it without incident.  I do remember Spoony saying during his review the game was VERY glitchy on his system, but my DOS version was tremendously stable.  I do believe my version came from a second release of the DOS edition (a later release was for Windows) which included a patch that fixed the problem.  The patch was released on the official Origin website, but that’s been offline for years and who knows if you’d be able to install it properly with DOS Box.  I think Spoony was likely using a version of the game from the initial (unpatched) release and was unaware the stability problems were fixed.

It was also my first exposure to Clive Owen, as this was one of his first high profile American roles.  He would later get a tremendous following during the BMW Films series (if you can find those anymore, enjoy) and later when he played the lead antagonist in The Bourne Identity.  But more than just Owen, the game had Brian Blessed, John Hurt, David Warner and Christopher fucking Walken, the later two responsible for delivering what is probably the greatest acted piece in the history of the world.

So join me as I take a look at the top five scenes in Privateer 2: The Darkening!  Enjoy.


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