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Movie of the Week: How to Make a Monster October 29, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos.

It’s Halloween and what better time to review a 2001 made for premium tv horror film?  But why, if this is a gaming website, would I go to the trouble of reviewing a horror movie for Halloween?  That’s because I’m reviewing 2001’s How to Make a Monster, the first movie I ever saw that actually depicted game development as a legitimate profession (yet still being a completely awesome job).

Seriously this movie has a special place in my heart.  The acting is totally awesome, the writing and characters are completely cheesy yet lovable.  Of course, then a monster comes to life and starts ripping into all of that.  This is a movie that really should’ve been a comedy.  That said I really enjoyed it, and here’s (in the biggest video has ever done) a full review of the movie complete with a whole theme song.

If you guys like the theme song defiantly post up a comment!



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2. wiki guy - November 11, 2010

wikipedia ftw

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4. Anne - February 20, 2012

Awesome review i have actually never heard about this movie.

Maniac - February 20, 2012

Thank you!

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