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PSP Go Drops Price in US to $199 October 25, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Game News.

The PSP Go, considered by many internationally as a complete failure, has gotten a price drop in the US from the original $250US launch price to $199US, putting the PSP Go at the same price as a PSP-3000 bundled with a game and memory stick.

The PSP Go was really a bad idea all around, however some good did come of it.  The reason why the PSP Go did not do so well is likely because of the price premium and the incompatabilty with PSP games that came on discs (which was the whole PSP AAA market pre-Go).  People didn’t want to pay an extra-fifty dollars for a PSP that wouldn’t run most games, regardless of how “cool” it looked.  They also knew that current PSPs, as long as you had a high enough capacity Memory Stick Pro Duo, would be able to run any games downloaded off the Playstation Network just as well as a Go would, making the higher price a complete waste.

That said, it is nice that a lot of games that are no longer manufactered on UMD format have migrated to digital versions for download on the Playstation Network, allowing me to play a lot of games on my regular PSP that are no longer on store shelves like Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.  I wish Infected would make the jump to the digital platform as that is still my favorite PSP game and it’s so unfortunate most people have not been able to play Planet Moon Studio’s masterpiece since the game has been out of print for a few years.



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