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Top Five Halo Reach Cutscenes October 1, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Site Videos, Top Cutscenes.

I know it’s been a while since we’ve done a top five on the site, but there was a really good reason why there wasn’t one, and that was because I was waiting for the cutscenes for this game to be released.

Halo Reach again shows Bungie is one of the best at making in-game cutscenes and this is a celebration of what I believe is their top five.  Spoiler warning for those of you that haven’t played the game yet,  enjoy!



1. DHalo - October 4, 2010

Nice videos, but I’ll mention that in Cutscene #3 (SPOILERS), it isn’t a bomb that they use, but the drive that typically allows ships to enter slipspace and go faster than light. Using it in an improper manner allowed them to remove so much of the ship in one go. Also likely the reason that there’s a manual way to activate it.

2. Maniac - October 6, 2010

I’m not really familiar about how fictional makeshift bombs work, but I do know how nuclear bombs work. They are an extremely complex series of components that will only work if done EXACTLY as designed. If they become damaged in any way, even if you could turn it on to try to detonate it, it’s unlikely you’d get a full on atomic explosion (maybe a small conventional blast at best which isn’t going to cause the kind of destruction you’d like). I know these makeshift bombs use some kind of nuclear fusion core (as shown in Halo Wars) so they are nuclear based, which is why they’re capable of an atomic explosion…is it a simpler process in the 26th century? (probably)

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