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YouTube Ups Video Limit to 15 Minutes July 30, 2010

Posted by Maniac in Site News.

This is not exactly gaming related news, but defiantly site related news.  Due to bandwidth, storage space, and cross compatibility, I use YouTube‘s service to post my site related videos, and embed them over here when applicable.  I do this because I can get away with having streaming videos and I don’t have to pay extra to host content on the site.

The downside is that all my short films (like “Small Town Geek Bar“) have to be made with their completely pointless time limits in place.  No video of mine could be longer than 10 minutes and 59 seconds.  This really stifled my creativity and left me quite peeved, but since they are the only streaming service that supports iPhone natively, (dailymotion works too but only with an extra app) I had to play by their rules.

Well YouTube relented slightly today.  While every other video streaming service supports unlimited time, YouTube has upped its time limit from 10:59 to 15 minutes.  This will allow my vlogs and shorts to be longer.  On a side note, my HD video camera works just fine and edits just fine.  I plan to shoot a new vlog pretty soon.


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