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How Can I Get Into Dot Hack – Dot Hack Tribute Day August 6, 2020

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We are going to kick off our day devoted to the .hack// franchise by highlighting some of the best fan-produced content from across the web, and what better highlight to start off with than one devoted to how you can get into the franchise.

I’ve become familiar with the YouTube Channel Red Bard for quite some time now, as I’ve appreciated her unique view on anime and manga. In fact, her recent videos have been a great source when researching nearly forgotten history from Japan’s modern classics. Did you know Final Fantasy had some weird product tie-ins? Or the history behind Manga publisher TokyoPop? Now, you do.

It’s not easy to get into .hack//, since the franchise has been distributed across Manga, Video Games and Anime, including lots of content that is sadly no longer in print. Here is Red Bard’s video on how she thinks people can get into the .hack// series.

This is just the start of our .hack// Tribute Day, and we will be highlighting content from all across the web as well as providing our own original content throughout the next twenty-four hours. Stay tuned dear reader and enjoy your look at The World.



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